Remove staff gamepasses

So, game passes should be removed, as they have no reason, other than giving people OP power that can be abused. In real life, you would have to work your way up in order to get to a certain rank. You can’t simply bribe the warden to make you his below rank. Another issue is the fact that it’s easily abusable. People with large sums of robux can easily just purchase the rank and abuse. And it’s unrealistic.


They have them added in so then they can make more money for the game and are thus putting out better updates, I agree that they should be removed though because they tend to AA.


Please do. Its so annoying when there is a warden at level 0 abusing EVERYTHING!

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I think they should put CP and FD off-sale. These ranks grant abusers permission to host Sessions and most importantly - gives them admin commands. Warden and below are ok to be sold as there are no hosting perms/admin.


I think warden as well should be taken off.

Jimmy wants money, so he does this… I mean the warden gamepass isn’t that bad, its the CP gamepass that annoys me, as they can be really abused.(and the fd one ofcourse, but don’t many people know about that one.)

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They need to make money. I think its fine if they sell gamepasses that are warden-

It’s a 50/50. The gamepasses is a way Stateview makes Robux. Cutting this will sever their supply, but you do have a point. It is very stressful to see Level 0 with Chairperson gamepass abusing their power.

i mean u realise that u are saying for all gamepasses and not ones that have some power also do u know that removing all rank gamepasses will hurt popularity. again WHY THIS GROUP MUST BE REALISTIC? CAN I ENJOY ROBLOX GAMEPLAY NOT REAL LIFE GAMEPLAY?

Some people enjoy realistic Roblox gameplay. If you want “Roblox gameplay”, go play Jailbreak.

Jailbreak has not admin or rank gamepasses. Same with Prison Life and ERLC and Madcity.

Make the game more free to play

Staff game passes are abused a LOT. It would make sense to remove them.

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This game is a RP game such as an army game or something like that.

I agree. CP and FD should be put off-sale because they have admin perms. Without being trained on how to use admin commands people will abuse it and will make the game unenjoyable.

It is completely free to play.

SWAT could be considered a rank. It’s in all of the games listed above.

Deputy Warden

because there are no ranks on them… only at ER:LC and you dont get anything other than cars and tools with ranks in ER:LC, but yeah CP and FD gamepasses should be deleted

most of games are free but have microtransactions so uhh idk but they are kinda uselees

also, i think there overpriced as just buy CO its 300 robux when you simply just easly do some application and the you go.