Remove the ability to pay to put someone on FL (Forced Leave.)

It’s extremely unfair to people, when someone with the money pays to put you on forced leave. Specially when you just want to play the game. It’s honestly, basically just paying to ban someone. (Even though it’s not the exact same). Just because someone has the money to do it, doesn’t mean they should be able to… I find it very annoying, and I feel bad for the people who have been effected by it.


I do agree with you that it is annoying that people can buy forced leave to put people on FL. FL should only be used if the subject is spending too much time on SV and risking their health but I haven’t seen many FL recently that were bought.


Agreed. I find it frustrating for some people including me that you’re able to do that. You should just be able to buy other stuff and not FL. It’s just not worth it either.


I agree with. Paid FL should be removed. Cause it’s abused heavily and if you want to remove it it’s darn $30. They state how FL helps with your mental health and is approved by Management and Chief Of Staff, how is paying for someone to annoy them helping mental health and what not? It’s clearly not it’s doing the opposite it’s stressing them and making them mad. How would you feel like if you are wanting to play Stateview with your friends WHO YOU PLAY EVERY DAY ON STATE VIEW to find out you got given Fl for laughs and giggles… but not only that if you accidently went over 60+ or 25+ your done for, you get expanded for another day… when you didn’t even ask for it… yeah they can tell you sorry and what not but they’re not the ones who suffering. This is unreasonable reason to be given FL. FL should be strictly given when someone is spending too much time on SV and HAS TO GO on FORCED LEAVE (BREAK) due to concerns of their mental health.

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I agree with this but they will never remove it as SV wants money :moneybag: .


Check now though lol there a lot

ye but its just annoying. Imagine you being a high rank and can’t afford to be on FL. It’s irratatting

I agree it ruins the gameplay and Stateview Prison in general.

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I strongly agree, as i see alot of people lately being affected by someone that bought them FL. Letting people buy someone FL just ruins the whole SV…

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they aint gonna turn down free money and im not gonna say no to a free vacation

Hello! I am fully onboard with what you are saying. The limitations of FL should be outside of people with money. Stateview has many terms and conditions of when force leave should be implemented of which I see has been breached when they allow people to purchase it. If you are affected by FL for the reason of purchased, please feel free to qoute these:

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