Company Information & Employee Regulations

Company Information & Employee Regulations

Stateview upholds a commitment to the utmost professionalism for our staff and associates. This document serves as a repository of essential company information and regulations, outlining the guidelines and expectations that govern the conduct of all members within Stateview Corporation.

By delving into the contents of this document, our members gain insights into our core information. It acts as a cornerstone for fostering a community that thrives on fairness, accountability, and inclusivity, ensuring that Stateview remains a space where every member can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for all.


Within this section, we delve into the intricacies of Stateview Corporation, encapsulating crucial details and operational procedures that delineate the organizational framework and functionality. Functioning as a comprehensive resource guideline, this segment is designed to empower members with profound insights into the company’s fundamental principles, intricate processes, and steadfast guidelines that collectively shape the essence of Stateview Corporation.


At Stateview, we are dedicated to cultivating a community grounded in principles of fairness, accountability, and inclusivity. In pursuit of these ideals, we are introducing a series of reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and ensuring equal opportunities for all members, regardless of their rank or status. These reforms are designed to fortify the bonds within our community and elevate the overall Stateview experience.

Restructuring of Ranks and Reform Process:

The following reforms outline the new ranks that reformed members will receive:

[1] Chief of Staff to Chairman of the Board will be reformed to: Board of Governors.
[2] Community Advisory Council to Board of Governors will be reformed to: Facility Director.
[3] Chairperson to Facility Director will be reformed to: Superintendent.

Impact of Rank Purchases on Reforms:

Purchasing a rank does not exempt members from meeting quota and activity requirements; they are expected to fulfill these obligations on par with all other members without any exceptions. Consequently, members who acquire a rank through purchase are equally subject to the rank reform process.

The Review Process:

Stateview’s Community Management conducts reforms by considering seven essential factors. These factors encompass:

  • Game Activity
  • Department Activity
  • Community Rating
  • Overall Performance
  • Organizational Impact
  • Leadership Recognition
  • General Support & Participation

The Appealing Process:

We highly value the opinions and perspectives of our members, and this extends to providing a platform for appeals. If any member believes that the reforms have adversely affected them or has specific concerns that need addressing, they will have a 72-hour window to appeal. During this period, individuals can submit their appeals, outlining their reasons for reconsideration.


The section defines Stateview’s approach to addressing lower-level rule violations, with a specific focus on individual circumstances. The primary goal is to implement enforcement measures thoughtfully, considering factors such as user statistics and the overall context of the situation(s). Under this policy, each high-ranking officer or agency is granted the authority to exercise discretionary infractions, deviating from the strict adherence to existing regulations. However, it is required that, when imposing discretionary infractions, the enforcing officer provides a clear rationale based on proper factors for determination.

Factors for Determining Discretionary Consequences

Age, developmental, and maturity levels of the parties involved and their relationship to Stateview Correctional Facility.

  • The impact on Stateview’s daily operation;
  • The surrounding circumstances of the incident;
  • The nature and severity of the behavior(s) in question;
  • Instances of past or ongoing patterns of behavior;
  • The relationships between the parties involved;
  • The broader context in which the alleged incidents occurred.

This approach ensures a nuanced and context-aware application of discretionary consequences, aligning with the overall objective of maintaining a fair and considerate regulation enforcement system within Stateview.


When a member holding the position of Chairperson - Board of Governors makes the decision to resign from their role, they are presented with a range of options for their subsequent involvement within the Stateview community. The available choices for their departure include:

[1]: Transition to the role of a Low Security Inmate, contributing to the community from a different perspective.

[2]: Elevate their status to that of a Respected Inmate [Prison Commissioner+], showcasing continued commitment and influence.

[3]: Undertake the responsibilities of a Superintendent, contributing to the community’s well-being in a distinctive capacity.

This flexible approach to staff departures ensures that members can tailor their exit strategy to best suit their preferences, maintaining a sense of agency in shaping their ongoing relationship with Stateview.


Promotions within Stateview are exclusively awarded to individuals who successfully undergo promotional sessions or consistently exhibit exceptional behavior and activity. Any alternative methods of promotion outside these criteria will be considered as unauthorized free ranking. This policy ensures that promotions are earned through merit and adherence to established standards, maintaining fairness and transparency in the ranking process.


Free Ranking
[1]: Revert Promotion + Staff Warning
[2]: Demotion
[3]: Termination


Logging activities within the Stateview environment must adhere to specific guidelines outlined in the “Logging” section of our rules. This section provides comprehensive details on what is considered acceptable and unacceptable in terms of logging, ensuring that members of the community are well-informed and follow the established standards. It is crucial for all associates to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to maintain transparency, accountability, and a harmonious environment within the community.

The “Logging” section serves as a reference point for understanding the boundaries and expectations associated with recording and documenting various activities within Stateview. By following these guidelines, associates contribute to the creation of a fair and respectful atmosphere, promoting trust and integrity among community members. It is essential for all individuals to stay informed and aligned with the rules concerning logging to foster a positive and cooperative community experience.


Logging without Proof
[1]: Verbal Warning
[2]: Staff Warning
[3]: Demotion


Forced Leave (FL) is a mandatory form of leave designed to safeguard the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of staff members at Stateview. This measure is enacted when individuals compromise their health by prioritizing Stateview activities over their well-being. Approval for forced leave can only be granted by a Chief of Staff or higher, as well as Community Management. It’s essential to emphasize that forced leave is not punitive; rather, it aims to assist individuals in their health recovery.

  • During forced leave, users are prohibited from participating in any Stateview activities, including gameplay, departmental work, or interacting on the Stateview discord server.

Minor Forced Leave

This is implemented when a user excessively plays Stateview, compromising their health by neglecting sleep and self-care. It is intended for users moderately affecting their health for the sake of Stateview. During Minor Forced Leave, users can send a maximum of 60 messages on the Stateview Discord Server per day but are not allowed to participate in in-game activities.

  • The duration of Minor Forced Leave typically ranges from 7 to 14 days.

Major Forced Leave

Employed when a user engages in Stateview for an extremely prolonged duration without sleep or self-care practices. This is reserved for situations where a user’s health is significantly compromised, leading to potential severe consequences. While on Major Forced Leave, users are restricted to sending a maximum of 25 messages on the Stateview Discord Server per day and are not permitted to engage in any in-game activities.

  • The duration of Major Forced Leave generally spans from 15 to 28 days.

At Stateview, prioritizing and maintaining staff members’ health are paramount. These measures are in place to protect users’ well-being and prevent extreme damage caused by neglecting self-care in favor of playing Stateview.


The administration at Stateview is committed to ensuring that our community members are heard and receive the best possible care. Our goal is to provide appealing and effective reporting opportunities, maintaining a clean and safe infrastructure for all users.

On a daily basis, Stateview’s Support Agency and Moderation Team diligently work to offer excellent inquiry reviewal support while upholding and enforcing our community regulations.

  • For support inquiries and reporting, users can submit tickets within our Administration Server. We kindly ask that all users adhere to the regulations posted within that server. Failure to comply with our terms-of-use may result in disciplinary sanctions or consequences.

Punishments for Violations

Breaking Appeals Cooldown
[1]: Verbal Warning
[2]: Appeal Blacklisted

Misusing Material
[1]: Timeout from Administration Server
[2]: Ticket Blacklist
[3]: Server Ban

It’s crucial for our community’s well-being that everyone follows the guidelines to ensure a positive and safe environment. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Stateview community.


Stateview’s departmental infrastructure serves as the backbone for overseeing all operations within the Stateview community. We offer a myriad of departmental opportunities, inviting members from all positions to step into the role of a department officer and contribute to the thriving ecosystem.

Stateview Support Agency

  • Join the team dedicated to ensuring the community is heard and cared for, offering support and resolution to inquiries. Your role in the Stateview Support Agency is crucial to maintaining a positive and responsive environment.

2. Stateview Intelligence Agency

  • Be part of the team at the forefront of inquiry reviewal and regulation enforcement. The Stateview Intelligence Agency plays a pivotal role in upholding community standards while providing essential support.

3. Stateview Game Administration

  • Delve into the world of game administration, contributing to the seamless functioning of Stateview’s in-game experience. This department ensures fair play, adherence to rules, and an enjoyable gaming atmosphere.

4. Stateview Community Management

  • Become a key player in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. The Stateview Community Management team works to enhance the overall experience for all members, promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

5. Stateview Events Department

  • Join the exciting journey of organizing events that bring the community together. The Stateview Events Department adds a touch of entertainment and engagement to the Stateview experience, creating memorable moments for everyone.

6. Stateview Inactivity Team

  • Play a crucial role in addressing inactivity concerns within the community. The Stateview Inactivity Team works to ensure members stay engaged and connected, contributing to a inclusive and active Stateview community.

Stateview’s departments offer a diverse range of opportunities for individuals to explore their interests, showcase their skills, and contribute meaningfully to the community’s growth. Join us in shaping the Stateview experience for everyone!


In our community of responsible and committed members, the Leave of Absence (LOA) policy stands as a cornerstone, fostering order and fairness. These guidelines are meticulously crafted to accommodate genuine instances of inactivity while upholding transparency and accountability.

Leave of Absence - Authorization and Duration

  • Authorized Creators: Only individuals with the rank of Chairperson or higher have the authority to create a Leave of Absence.

  • Duration Limits: The notice period must extend for a minimum of 7 days and no longer than 21 days unless explicitly approved by leadership.

  • Cooldown Matching: The Leave of Absence cooldown aligns with its duration. For example, a one-week Leave of Absence corresponds to a one-week cooldown.

  • Quota Completion: If submitting an Leave of Absence notice after Thursday, completing quota before submission is mandatory.

  • Quota Exemption: If submitting an Leave of Absence notice during or before Thursday, you are excused from quota for that week.

  • Post-Thursday Conclusion: If the Leave of Absence notice concludes after Thursday, you are excused from quota for that week. However, voluntarily ending the Leave of Absence (making an update) requires quota completion.

  • Inactivity Log Format: The format of the inactivity log must be correct and adhere to specified guidelines.

  • Non-Exploitative Use: The Leave of Absence system cannot be exploited to bypass punishments, such as quota or imminent reforms.

  • Legitimate Reasoning: The reason provided must be legitimate and valid, with no deception involved.

  • Truthful Representation: Lying about having an Leave of Absence is not allowed.

  • Staff Team Restrictions: Joining the staff team while on Leave of Absence (bypassing) is not allowed, and using any admin commands during this period is strictly prohibited.

  • Departmental Work Clarification: Doing department work during Leave of Absence may or may not be considered bypassing, depending on department guidelines.

  • No Fabrication: Fabricating a situation to gain a break is not allowed.

Leave of Absence - Disciplinary Consequences

Denying/Accepting a Leave of Absence request based on personal reasons or accepting a notice that does not meet Leave of Absence requirements

  • [1]: LOA Staff Strike or Verbal Warning

Lying about having an Leave of Absence notice

  • [1]: Staff Warning
  • [2]: 7-Day Suspension + Staff Warning


Bypassing LOA is treated as bypassing quota or reforms and will be addressed sternly.

  • [1]: Verbal Warning
  • [2]: Revoke Leave of Absence + Staff Warning
  • [3]: Demotion

Lying to be put on Leave of Absence

  • [1]: Verbal Warning + Request Denied
  • [2]: Staff Warning

These guidelines and consequences ensure a balanced and accountable approach to Leave of Absence within our community.


In this section, we delve into the policies and regulations that serve as guiding principles for all associates and staff members within our community. These established norms are integral to maintaining a cohesive and organized environment, outlining the expectations and standards that every individual is expected to adhere to. These policies form the backbone of our community, fostering a culture of responsibility, fairness, and mutual respect. As associates and staff members, it is imperative to familiarize ourselves with these regulations, ensuring a collective commitment to the values that define our community and contribute to its overall success.


At Stateview, our commitment to a pristine and corruption-free environment is unwavering. We strive to provide an experience where every member can thrive in a fair, transparent, and unbiased community. Any actions that hint at or promote corruption will be met with resolute disciplinary action.

Listed Acts of Corruption

  1. Abuse of Power: Using authority to unjustly punish or favor individuals.

  2. Personal Matters: Making decisions based on personal biases rather than objective criteria.

  3. Bias Reports: Reporting someone with the intention to harm based on personal feelings.

  4. Targeting: Seeking to demote or penalize someone without valid reasons.

  5. Friend Ranking: Promoting individuals based on personal friendships rather than merit.

  6. Lack of Proof: Taking punitive actions without sufficient evidence.

Punishments for Violations

Abuse of Power, Friend Ranking, Bias Reports/Targeting
[1]: 14-Day Suspension
[2]: 30-Day Suspension
[3]: Termination

Lack of Proof, Personal Matter
[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: 14-Day Suspension
[3]: (Same Person?) Termination


At Stateview, we maintain a steadfast commitment to professionalism and excellence. In alignment with these values, associates are unequivocally prohibited from being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any substances that could compromise their ability to perform their duties effectively. This stringent policy underscores the importance of maintaining a clear state of mind, ensuring that associates are fully capable of executing their responsibilities without any impairment.

Our dedication to a focused and efficient work environment extends to the expectation that associates remain sober during their duty hours. This policy is not merely a rule but a fundamental requirement for upholding the standards of our workplace. Associates are entrusted with responsibilities that demand precision, clarity, and quick decision-making, and being under the influence poses a risk to the integrity of our operations.

Punishments for Violations

[1]: 3-5 Day Suspension
[2]: Immediate Termination


In our pursuit of a friendly and respectful environment within Stateview, the Discord Moderation Team is unwavering in its commitment to curbing all forms of toxicity and disrespect. Among these, departmental disrespect is identified as a specific category of misconduct that is strictly prohibited within our community. Violation of this policy is met with disciplinary actions and sanctions to uphold the values of our community.

We prioritize maintaining a positive atmosphere where members can interact respectfully and collaboratively. Departmental disrespect undermines this foundation and compromises the well-being of our community. Any breaches of this policy will be thoroughly addressed, and individuals found in violation may face disciplinary consequences to rectify their behavior.

Punishments for Violations

[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: 3-5 Day Suspension


Smooth operations and effective communication are the cornerstones of a thriving community within Stateview, and these are contingent upon strict adherence to our “Chain of Command” policy. This policy serves as a guideline, clearly outlining the hierarchy of ranks and positions that members should observe when seeking guidance or addressing queries within the community.

By following the structured order of the Chain of Command, members contribute to a streamlined and organized system, ensuring that inquiries are directed appropriately and efficiently. This not only fosters a sense of clarity and accountability but also facilitates a more effective flow of communication, enhancing the overall experience for every member within the Stateview community.

Punishments for Violations

[1]: Verbal Warn
[2]: Staff Warning


The prohibition of any activities classified as illegal under United States Federal law is a stringent and non-negotiable aspect of Stateview Prison’s operational framework. This includes but is not limited to actions like doxxing, DDoSing, DoSing, making threats, sharing obscene material, and engaging in major harassment or bullying. To maintain the integrity and safety of the community, any individual found participating in such activities will face an immediate and decisive blacklist from Stateview Prison. The application of this policy is contingent upon the submission of reasonable proof validating the alleged illegal actions.

Stateview Prison is committed to upholding a secure and lawful environment for its members, and the strict enforcement of consequences for engaging in illegal activities underscores this commitment. The swift response to such violations ensures the protection and well-being of the community and reinforces the principles of legality and respect within the Stateview framework.

Punishments for Violations

Illegal in United States Federal Law
[1]: Unappealable Blacklist

Harassment or Bullying
[1]: Block the person harassing/bullying you
If continued through stateview:
[2]: 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Termination
[4]: Blacklist


Hinting, within the context of Stateview, is defined as the indirect act of suggesting or implying that an individual deserves or desires a particular rank without explicitly stating it. An example of hinting includes usernames like “SirYeet4CAC,” where the user conveys a desire for a certain rank through their username. The classification of hinting serves to address behaviors that may not be overt requests but subtly communicate aspirations or expectations related to rank within the Stateview community.

Punishments for Violations

[1]: Verbal Warn
[2]: Staff Warning
[3]: 1-Day Suspension + Staff Warning
[4]: 3-Day Suspension + Staff Warning
[5]: Demotion by Rank


Failure to meet hosting expectations can result in disciplinary action for authorized session hosts. It is crucial for members hosting sessions to possess a thorough understanding of the rules, requirements, and session information. Disciplinary measures may be taken if a hosted session exceeds the appropriate duration, is rushed, or does not reach its fullest potential. Hosts play a pivotal role in ensuring a positive and engaging experience for participants, and adherence to the established standards is essential to maintain the quality of Stateview sessions.


[1]: Verbal Warning
[2]: Suspension & Evaluation
[3]: Demotion to Superintendent


Impersonating permissions, also known as falsely claiming to have certain privileges, is strictly prohibited within Stateview. This includes instances where a member falsely asserts that they possess specific permissions when, in reality, they do not. Such deceptive practices undermine the integrity of the community and can lead to disciplinary action. It is essential for all members to accurately represent their permissions and refrain from engaging in any form of impersonation to maintain transparency and trust within the Stateview environment.


Session Room Permissions
[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: Termination

Ranking Permissions
[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Termination

Blacklist Permissions
[1]: Termination


Impersonating witnesses by falsely claiming that someone witnessed an event is strictly prohibited within Stateview. Members are required to exercise caution and verify information with individuals they believe witnessed a particular incident before making any claims. Misrepresenting witness accounts can lead to misinformation and disrupt the community’s trust. It is essential for all members to uphold honesty and accuracy when reporting incidents, ensuring a fair and transparent environment within Stateview.


Impersonating Witnesses
[1]: Action Reverted (if doesn’t meet criteria) + Staff Warning
[2]: Demotion
[3]: Termination


Leaking refers to the act of sharing material with someone unauthorized to access it. Whether it’s pictures or words, regardless of the scale, leaking is strictly prohibited, and violations will be met with appropriate consequences. However, you are allowed to share your own punishment details excluding the punisher.*

  • Leaking of Intel Server Logs: You may not leak any logs from the Intel server, except for promotions, sessions, rank locks, and blacklist logs. You may only share the punished person’s reason and proof if requested.

  • Leaking of Classified Department Material: Sharing any classified department material, as defined by the department high command, is strictly prohibited.

  • Leaking of Controversial Messages by SHR+: You may not leak any controversial but legitimate messages by SHR+ that are explicitly requested not to be leaked.

  • Leaking of Intel Server Tickets: Sharing any tickets in the Intel server is strictly prohibited.

  • Leaking to Blacklisted Users: You may not leak anything to users who are blacklisted.

  • Leaking of Bloxcord Constituted Material: Sharing any material constituted by Bloxcord, excluding session leaderboards, leaderboards, chat logs, and statistics, is strictly prohibited.

  • Joking about Leaking: Making jokes about leaking is not allowed.

  • Reporting Obligation: You are required to report any instances of leaking that you witness.

Punishments for Violations

Leaking to Blacklisted Users
[1]: Blacklist

Leaking SHR DMs when asked not to (Exception: for reporting)
[1]: Staff Warning

Leaking Classified Department Material
[1]: Termination/Blacklist

Leaking Classified Channels or Tickets
[1]: Verbal Warning [Skip to the second step if it is an intel log]
[2]: Staff Warning + 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Demotion

Joking about Leaking
[2]: Staff Warning

Not reporting known leaking
[1]: Termination
[2]: Blacklist

Leaking Classified Bloxcord Material
[1]: Verbal Warning [Skip to the second step if it is the punishment section]
[2]: Staff Warning + 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Demotion


Being an integral part of the Stateview community involves active participation in the designated Discord servers, specifically the main and Intel/Administration servers. These platforms serve as crucial hubs for communication, coordination, and information sharing within the community. Therefore, it is mandatory for all members to maintain a presence in both servers to stay updated on important announcements, discussions, and activities.

Failure to fulfill this requirement may lead to the consequence of demotion, with individuals being demoted to the rank of Warden. This measure emphasizes the significance of active engagement and ensures that all members are consistently informed and connected to the community’s central channels. It aligns with our commitment to fostering a communicative and collaborative environment where every member plays a vital role in the community’s shared experience and activities.

Punishments for Violation

Not in Main/Intel
[1]: Demote to Warden
*If they were unbanned after being banned within a 14-Day period, they may get their rank back.


Maintaining a clean and thriving community relies on the collective effort of its members. We strongly encourage and emphasize the responsibility of each member to actively participate in ensuring the well-being of the community. Specifically, it is crucial to report any instances of rule-breaking to the appropriate authorities.

Neglecting this duty may lead to consequences based on the severity of the situation. We uphold a commitment to fair and just enforcement of rules, and reporting rule breakers is an integral part of upholding the standards and integrity of our community. Your cooperation in reporting violations contributes to the overall health and positive atmosphere within Stateview.


[1]: Staff Warning


Following these established regulations is paramount in the implementation of disciplinary measures for officers. The policy underscores the need to follow outlined procedures, ensuring that punishments are not only just but also in strict accordance with the organization’s standards. By diligently following these regulations, we aim to maintain a disciplined and professional environment, where officers can trust in the consistency and fairness of the disciplinary process. This commitment to procedural integrity reinforces the organization’s values and promotes a culture of accountability.


[1]: Verbal Warning
[2]: Staff Warning
[3]: 3-5 Day Suspension


High Rank Disrespect refers to the act of showing disrespect towards high-ranking officials within the community. This behavior is considered a violation of the community’s standards and expectations for respectful conduct.

Punishments for Violations

[1]: Staff Warning


Engaging in threatening to resign is a violation of the rules within the community. This refers to the act of making statements indicating an intention to resign if a specific condition comes to fruition. For instance, expressing sentiments like “if that happens, I’m going to resign” is not permitted under this rule.


[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Termination


Issuing threats to abuse, whether it pertains to ranks or in-game actions, is strictly prohibited under the community rules. Any explicit statements indicating an intention to abuse or inflict harm upon the group will result in immediate termination.


[1]: Termination


Participating in rule violations is strictly forbidden, and this encompasses making threats to breach rules. When an individual issues threats to violate the rules, they may either convey an intention to execute a certain action or assert involvement in such activities, all without providing substantiated evidence of their actual participation.

Notice: These punishments are only to be used for when the user does this outside of the game.


[1]: Staff Warning
[2]: Suspension 3-7 Days
[3]: Termination

It is important to note that ultimate authority lies with Stateview executives, who possess the final discretion to determine appropriate sanctions and modify them as deemed necessary.