Remove the votekick system. Annoying thing

Hello! I think the votekick is annoying when you want to kick someone. It is like when you want to kick someone, the server votes and they say no to a person cuff abusing. Anyone DW+ will have perms to kick someone without the votekick. If you want it could be W+. I just find it very annoying.


Anyone DW+ will have perms to kick someone without the votekick

I see major flaws with this. It only takes about 32 hours of being on the server to get to the rank DW. This is not a very long time meaning a lot of people would have access to kicking people without having to do anything for it.

If you want it could be W+

Slightly better but still too easy to get the required rank and abuse the system.

There may be a better way to handle kicks, but this would not be the way to go.


I disagree because mostly the server always says yes. They even votekicked me for no reason.


I agree as a Appeal/ C&I officer Who get way to many reports about abuse. In order to get all of the abuse out delete the vote kick.


But they can AFK farm for Warden level last time I checked you can claim warden.

I agree with the suggestion. Even Deputy Wardens and Wardens abuse it a lot, and reporting has more effort than just votekicking someone.

If votekick would be for only wardens won’t have effort either. The abuse will be the same.

i think there has to be a reason to vote kick the person

There has to be a reason (obiviously). Make an anti AFk system. If people don’t move. They get kicked after 5 minutes.

I don’t have a phone number for the intel server.

Or just make it so warden and cp can’t be a bought rank and wardens can only use it but if you say yes you will need to go to a certain room I think prisoners can do it from everywhere.

I don’t necessarily think the votekick feature should be removed due to it being useful (to a point) However, it would be better if they’d make it so Warden+ can use it. Something good about it too is that it gets sent to the discord so the administration team can see the vote kicks. There are pros and cons.
It will get rid of abusers, exploiters, trollers, etc.
It’s better than a regular “kick” command, and I think of it as a starter command.

It can be abused
People will randomly say yes just to say yes
DW is a fairly easy rank to get

Anyways, I hope this helps.

Have a good day/night

Comqts - Warden

Simply NO.
Without the system, there’s going to be nothing but abuse, abuse, abuse. It’s not like HR is always in every server!
I know that the system can be easily abused but only DW+ can use it, they have 32 hours+ of experience and are trusted to use the system properly. Removing it would only cause more abuse.

EntityRobloxes, Chairperson.

Erm you said the same post two times.

But this helps lower the numbers of unrightfull kicks there for it keep the AA numbers down as we all know when some one is vote kicked and it helps us know who did what, like I said befor it helps get AA numbers down.

Erm this post is a repeated post.

I think Warden and other higher ranks should be able to vote kick and the only way to get Warden is by passing a training like to become a chairperson.