Rubber Bullet Gun

Ik this has already been suggested but my idea is different.
Referring to Reducing Cadet’s rights I now think they should have a Rubber Bullet Gun.
It’s going to be a orange pistol that only can load one bullet.
I know you are thinking - it’s a sniper but NO it’s not.
It does 1 damage per shot & takes 10 seconds to reload.
I hope you like it.

Soz it was remove cadets rights

Like others have said, they are learning. I don’t think a gun that deals 1 damage is the best way for them to learn.

ik, I have said it before. Such as in Remove Cadets Rights

just get rid of gun. encourage taser use

It’s even worse than a taser tho

Taser best weapon, otherwise they just kill crims and they respawn. To remove gun for cadets would be beneficial because it stops them shooting markcriminalroblox327323 for no reason at all. all they gotta do is attend a shift

Yeah, but it would never kill a inmate due to healing