Stateview Beginners Guide 2.0

This post will be explaining almost everything in the game. Inspired by @helloo20l


There are multiple categories of ranks:

LR - Low Rank (MO-COMM)

MR - Middle Rank (PI-W)

HR - High Rank (CP-CAC)

SHR - Senior High Rank (PC-BOG)

Leadership - COS+

Now let’s go over each rank individually!

Rank - Medical Officer (MO)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 3 Days

Rank - Corrections Officer (CO)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 3 Days

Rank - Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 3 Days

Rank - Commander (COMM)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 3 Days

Rank - Prison Inspector (PI)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 5 Days

Rank - Deputy Warden (DW)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 5 Days

Rank - Warden (W)

Rank limit - N/A
Rank CD - 1 Week

Note : You MUST be at least the age of 13+ to be Chairperson+ because you need discord and discord is for 13+ .

Rank - Chairperson (CP) (HR)

Rank limit - N/A (Limited time only)
Rank CD - 1 Week
Hosting Requirement - 2 a week (Limited time only)

Rank - Facility Director (FD) (HR)

Rank limit - N/A (Limited time only)
Rank CD - 2 Weeks
Hosting Requirement - 3 a week

Rank - Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Rank limit - 14
Rank CD - 3 Weeks
Hosting Requirement - 2 a week

Rank - Prison Commissioner (PC)

Rank limit - 10
Rank CD - 4 Weeks
Hosting Requirement - 1 a week

Rank - Board Of Governors (BOG)

Rank limit - 5
Rank CD - N/A
Hosting Requirement - 1 a week

Rank - Chief Of Staff and all the ranks above


What ranks can host what sessions:

CP+ can host Shifts with CAC+ supervision.

FD+ can host Shifts and Trainings on their own.

CAC+ can host Shifts and Trainings and Tryouts on their own and Inspections & Riots with PC+ supervision.

PC+ can host Shifts and Trainings and Riots and Tryouts and Inspections on their own.

Information gotten from the High Command Guidebook - Rank Limitation (rank limits and cooldowns) written by @Poison & 2021 Staff Regulations written by @timmy6503

Rules (not all the rules are here so try and think two times about doing something)

Uniform and Avatar rules

  • FD and below must wear their uniform which the game forces you to put one, which is good. You can also wear some items and different style hair, almost anything you want. However anything too big or takes up too much space or covers your username, will be classified as unprofessional and you breaking this expectation rule.

  • CAC+ are allowed to wear almost anything you want. There are many things you cannot wear and the outfit you pick has to be normal or professional. You shouldn’t be wearing anything too big that covers your username or takes up too much space. But Stateview takes it easy on uniform, so you are allowed to wear almost anything like “Headless”. and you can cosplay outfits.

  • If you are worried if your outfit breaks this rule you can always message a member from SHR+ or Leadership, and they can tell you!

Boombox Gamepass Rules

  • No bypassed music
  • Bypassing music is not allowed in any game so if you bypass the music that can lead you to Punishment. What is bypassed music? It is the music that bypasses Roblox Filter, like an explicit song, etc.
  • No earrape music

Bannable offenses

  • Cuff Abuse (aka CA)
  • Random Killing (aka RK)
  • Admin abuse (aka AA)
  • Exploiting (Pban)
  • Being kicked twice and still breaking the same rules.
  • Constantly Breaking rules.
  • Disrespect
  • Bypassing (Pban & Blacklist)
  • Logging
  • Raiding the SR.

Kickable offenses

  • Refusal to wear their uniform.
  • No grammar whatsoever and been warned. (PI+)
  • Minor CA
  • Minor RK
  • Major Spamming

Warnable offenses

  • Spamming
  • Breaking minor rules
  • Not listening the first time
  • Little things like what has been listed already.

Now for the ones that bought the Admin Commands gamepass:

Admin Commands Gamepass

  • You are not allowed to use commands on others.
  • You are not allowed to admin abuse

Allowed commands

  • kick | Administrator
  • ban | Administrator
  • to | Super Admin
  • bring | Super Admin
  • tp | Super admin
  • h | Creator Admin
  • m | Administrator
  • ref | Moderator
  • res | Moderator
  • team | Super Admin
  • pban | Super Admin
  • sm | Administrator
  • Chat Logs | Moderator
  • Logs | Moderator
  • Unban | Administrator
  • Unpban | Super Admin

Blacklisted commands

  • name
  • speed
  • fly
  • ws
  • btools
  • •Any command with “all”
  • reverbs
  • play
  • sound
  • vol
  • music
  • god
  • heal
  • give
  • ff
  • Kill
  • Pitch
  • Any command that is not in the Allowed commands section.

Information from 2020 Game Offences by @timmy6503 , 2020-2021 Admin Commands by @timmy6503 & Staff Regulations & Rules by @Thedarker007

Moving on, how to get promoted?

Ways to get promoted

  • Claim ranks as you grow in level from the “view rewards” button in-game! (DW and bellow)

  • Attend a Training ( DW and bellow can get promoted if they pass)

  • Attend an Inspection (Any rank can get promoted if they did an outstanding job)

  • Attend Riot-Protocol (DW and bellow can get promoted if they did an outstanding job)

  • Get noticed! (W+) (If you are active, have an amazing knowledge about the game and its rules, and an SHR thinks you’d be a good fit for a higher rank than you’ll get promoted) (Bonus tip: log sessions you attend in the patrol logs channel on discord to show activity!)

What is each area in the prison for?

Prison Areas

  • City, spawn for the criminals.

  • Control Room, you can open and close all the doors from the cells and turn on Lockdown (LD) from here. [COMM+ only]

  • High Command Offices, DW+ can start vote kicks from here. Janitor’s Key spawns here. (in the office on the left)

  • Max Security and Solitary areas. [ERT+ only]

  • Session Room (SR). The place where you can attend Shifts, Trainings, and many more! It’s situated upstairs, in the front of the prison. You can access it from the scanner room next to the prison exit.

Areas for inmates

  • Cafeteria - Inmates are allowed to walk around the room except on the metal balcony/guard area. One inmate can roleplay as a chef in the cooking area if guarded at all times.

  • Showers - Inmates are allowed to walk around the room.

  • Yard - Inmates are allowed to walk around the yard but not jump on the walls. Beware, inmates can get a rope from under the bench and use it to climb over the fence (Marked by a red X)

  • Cell Block (CB) - Inmates are allowed to walk around. DO NOT close the cell doors or put inmates in their cells.

How should you play the game?

How to play the game

  • If you are unsure about a rule I strongly recommend asking an HR or SHR.

  • When the status changes make sure to take all inmates to the correct area. DO NOT arrest/kill them. You must move each one with your handcuffs.

  • Do not kill inmates unless:

  • They ignore messages or repeated orders.
  • They have been seen with a gun at some point.
  • They are escapees.
  • They have passed a red line.
  • They are attacking guards or other inmates.
  • If you manage to cuff an inmate with a gun, frisk them and put them in max security.

  • Cuff, frisk and put in solitary all inmates who :

  • Attempted to escape more than 3 times.
  • Have a knife.
  • Disrespect others/spam messages.
  • Do not dance while on duty.

  • Do not stay in the SR if you are not participating in a shift ( Unless you get perms from a BoG+)

  • If a higher rank than you warns you to not do something please don’t do it.

I hope you enjoyed my guide!

Signed - @andy_roblox3 ,


Its saying any rank can get promoted through an inspection but I always thought it would only be Warden( and lower) and Chariperson. Could a FD now get promoted to a CAC or a BoG to CoS? I mean these are really high ranks which I thought cant be given away just for passing a Single training. There is much more you need to do to be for example CAC.

Sorry it’s a mistake that I forgot to correct -

Thanks for the update guide! It is very good!

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

Isnt W- LR, CP-FD MR, CAC+ HR, (i forgot what rank is shr) and CoS+ leadership?


This is outdated. Most of this stuff doesn’t apply anymore.

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This guide is outdated. I made it like 6 months ago-

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I meant Dd, I know this is outdated.

Hello you should update this as Chairpersons don’t have quota anymore


+you can’t kill inmates now (you still can arrest)+ PI-W is not MR?..PI-16 hours,if u try hard that kills everything and doing quests it can be 10 hours.

This is outdated now. Needcharacters.

Can you please update it? It could be really useful.

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Just use that