Stateview In-Game Announcements

Stateview In-Game Announcements
The following messages are examples, and are not required to be followed

Stateview Reminder Examples

I. - h Please ensure to close all doors within the facility, to ensure inmates do not escape or leave authorized areas.

II. - h Please ensure to follow the status, and escort the inmates to [Status Location].

III. - h Inmates, we ask that you do not cross the red do-not-cross line. Failure to comply will result in you being re-located to solitary confinement.

IV. - [Staff] Please do not abuse tools, failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

V. - h [Staff] Please do not camp the city, and or criminal spawns.

VI. - h Please leave the session-room at this time. There is no active session occurring.

VII. - h[Staff] Do not force inmates into cells, they may roam around cell-block. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Session Announcement Examples

I. - h [SHIFT] If you were in the shift, please use the format: [Role] message; when speaking on the “radio”.

II. - h [Inmates/Criminals] Please do not raid/disturb the session room in any way, failure to comply will result in a punishment.

III. - h The session has been canceled. Please relocate to {Status Location] & patrol the facility.

Drill Announcement Examples

I.- h There is an active lockdown. Please transfer all inmates into their cells during this time. Superintendant+ is only permitted in the control room.

II. - h There is an active facility blackout. Please transfer all inmates to their cells and remain in cell-block until the situation is resolved.

These examples were made purely for in-game announcement reminders that have not been stated within #staff-information. Therefore, it is recommended for all #staff to use this material, however, it is not required.


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h Staff | Please do not go to or camp any criminal spawn. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. (this is a modified one that I like to use since no one ever goes to city)

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I got a good one for disturbers, h Criminals/Inmates | Please make sure to NOT disturb any on going sessions. An example of this is shooting through the glass, honking car horns. If you fail to comply with these rules, you will be punished.

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h Idoling outside of the Session Room or hiding around corners is NOT patrolling and may cause you to face punishment for failure to patrol

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h Staff | Killing inmates instead of transporting to the next status will result in punishments as it is classed as RK and TA. Failure to comply with this rule will have you punished.

h [Criminals/Inmates] Please, let staff to go in session room due to session is starting/ending/ongoing.

h This is an active facility evacuation. Please transfer all inmates to the yard exit, ensure that proper protocol is followed.

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