Stateview Payments - Terms and Conditions

Official Stateview Terms and Conditions of Payments through Stripe

“Customer”, “User”, “You” refers to the user purchasing the item; the cardholder.
“Us”, “We”, “Stateview” refers to the community and business; the merchant.
“Rank”, “Role”, “Authority” refers to the item being purchased, whether it be a service, rank, role, department, admin, or anything we sell; the item.
“Value” refers to the agreed payment amount for the product.
“50% of the Value”, “Cancellation Point” refers to 50% of the total agreed payment amount of the product, in which you can cancel with no additional payments.
“BOD” refers to the second highest rank in the company, “Board of Directors”. It is an item that can be purchased; “If BOD+” is if the item is BOD or above in the rank hierarchy of Stateview.
“Executive Committee” refers to a committee or board of users that oversee actions done by the customer. They have final say in all questionable matters.

We only sell virtual products that are delivered within a few hours of the purchase (during regular business hours). We will never sell anything to ship you in-real-life and are not selling taxable goods.

You are purchasing a Discord Role at Stateview Prison’s Discord Server. The role does have some benefits unrelated to the payment such as a group rank on Roblox, department server, or admin. You will be ranked if you meet the requirements.

To start a new purchase, please contact one of our salespeople, ranked “Stateview Leadership”. You may pay the item value all at once, or choose to finance it (or pay monthly, weekly, bi-weekly) through Stripe subscriptions.

If you choose to finance (or pay monthly, weekly, bi-weekly) for an item, the total value must be paid within 5 months. Down Payments may be presented to you to help make this process more affordable. You may not finance items with a value of less than $200 USD.

[General Info]
(a). We do not offer refunds. All sales are final.
(b). If you break rules and are terminated or otherwise punished per our rules & guidelines, you cannot refund or chargeback and you will not get the role/rank back.
(c). You are not exempt from any SV guidelines for buying any product, you must follow everything on the published pages of the Stateview Forum under “Staff Information” (
(d). We are not responsible for any damages or other inconveniences that happen due to your purchase.

[BOD+ Information]
(e). If BOD+ is purchased, you may free rank up to three users to Facility Director (or below); every rank change upward that is not justified counts as a rank change and counts toward your three users quota.
(f). If BOD+ is purchased, you may demote two users that are Community Advisory Council (or below) to any rank of your choice without proof; every rank change downward that is not justified counts as a rank change and counts toward your two user quota.
(g). All of your actions may be processed by the Intelligence Agency for BDT & Below users. For BOD+, the executive committee of about ten users will vote on punishments on you.
(i). If BOD+, For IA punishments, you may inquire proof or request reversal for any log that is not classified by a Board of Directors+. Reversal is only guaranteed if a normal well-educated Stateview user finds the punishment false.
(j). If BOD+, IA cannot punish you so long as you do not disrespect the department or its members, leak its contents, or otherwise disrupt operations (a Branch Diversity Team+ can overrule and put the punishment in-order if necessary.)

[Added Information]
(h). You may not sell ranks or otherwise charge any currency or tender for any service, rank, permission, or etc in Stateview.
(k). You may not force any members to carry out any task, service, or etc in exchange for a favor, promotion, reversal of punishment, forced leave, or any appealing reward that is in regard to Stateview staffing.
(l). You may not leak any departments and must try to follow department guidelines whenever possible.
(m). You may not cancel the payment plan or subscription until at least half of the value (50%) is paid. If it is cancelled prematurely, you may lose the rank/role & membership in Stateview and get no refund for value paid so far. We may also try to collect your debt through other means.
(n). Any breach of the terms above is grounds for termination. If terminated or otherwise punished, you must keep paying until you reach the cancellation point (50% of total Value). After that, you will be demoted to a rank that is of 75% value of total amount paid. If there is an associated punishment to an infraction, that will be in order as well.
(o). “Payment Plan” refers to a subscription of x duration made on Stripe. The subscription will be ended when the value reaches the agreed price and you will no longer have to keep paying. As said above, you can cancel the subscription only after 50% of the total value has been paid. Else, you will be automatically charged a $150 Early Termination Fee or 25% of the total value, whichever is greater, or per fair discretion by an executive.
(p). By making a payment through Stripe, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information regarding the price and agreement related to the sale. You are strictly prohibited from sharing this information with any third parties, including but not limited to other customers, competitors, or the general public. Any unauthorized disclosure or sharing of such information may result in legal action and the enforcement of applicable penalties.
(q). In the event of a missed payment, you are required to rectify the payment within 2 days of the missed payment date. Failure to make the payment within the specified timeframe may result in the suspension or termination of your rank/role and membership in Stateview without a refund.

[Child Protection]
(p). Many children play Stateview Prison. To protect these users, the following rules/fees are in place for authority purchases - you are bound to the fees below by purchasing ANYTHING in our community:

  • If pedophilia or sexual behavior is found in any way to any minors in context of Stateview (including friends you met from Stateview and took off-site), a charge of $500.00 USD will be processed on the customer’s payment method. It will be refunded if the customer can prove their innocence. It is up to us how we will evaluate what “pedophilia” is, but that will be heavily enforced by United States Federal Law. Per Discord Terms of Service & Roblox Terms of Service, we reserve the right to remove you from the community in this event and revoke anything you have purchased WITHOUT refund.
  • You may not force minors to do anything with threats or commands by means of the authority or rank/role you are purchasing. A charge of $250.00 USD will be processed on the customer’s payment method if this guideline is breached. Per our Discord Rules, you may be banned from our Community Server in this case.

(q). If you damage any stateview property with your authority, you will be fined all damages and may be targeted by debt collectors, resulting in a loss of credit.

[Reports & Demotions]
(r). If you are reported by any user for misconduct or breach of terms or rules, your rank may be removed with no refund.
(s). If your rank is removed (demotion, termination, blacklist due to breach of terms or rules) and you have paid more than 50% of the total value (cancellation point), your subscription will be ended and you will not be given any refund. If you have not paid more than 50% of the total value (cancellation point), your subscription will keep billing you per month any amount until we collect a total value up to the cancellation point (50% of the total value). You will not get the item back if it is removed correctly. You may still appeal if you believe the removal was unfair or wrongful.

(t). You may get a “credit” toward another product of ours if you choose to within 24 hours of the original purchase. There are no refunds back to the original payment method. This credit cannot apply to subscriptions or “payment plans”.

[Questionable Actions]
(u). If any of your actions are deemed questionable by the executive committee, you may be staff warned, demoted, terminated, suspended, or blacklisted and [letters] R & S are invoked.

(v). Any disputes are encouraged to be talked out with us. If there’s nothing we can do for you, we will let you know. Understand that you cannot back out on these terms and conditions after you have purchased the rank, and that they will be used to recover any funds lost by disputes & chargebacks.

These terms and conditions are void once you successfully cancel the subscription, given that you did it properly and in-line with these terms and conditions (met the 50% cancellation point information and etc). If you were demoted and appeal, and the appeal is accepted, you must re-agree to these terms and conditions to be ranked back.

We reserve the right to edit these terms whenever we want, and to continue playing the game or using the purchased item, you must accept the terms and remain up-to-date on them by checking here regularly.

Please only purchase if you accept the terms. If you do not accept these terms, you will not be able to purchase. By purchasing using any Stripe link sent to you, you acknowledge and fully understand these terms and that you are required to abide by them after your purchase. These terms are binding and will be used to corroborate any disputes related to this process.