Stateview Prison Beginners Guide 1.0

Hello there,

Welcome to my Beginners Guide to Stateview Prison. My guide will be split into different sub-topics.


Here are all the ranks at Stateview Prison:

Correctional Officer (CO)
Medical Officer (MO)
Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Commander (COMM)
Prison Inspector (PI)
Deputy Warden (DW)
Warden (W)
Chairperson (CP)
Facility Director (FD)
Community Advisory Council (CAC)
Prison Commissioner (PC)
Board of Governors (BOG)

Low Rank (LR): CO-COMM
Medium Rank (MR): PI-W
High Rank (HR): CP-CAC
Super High Rank (SHR): PC-BOG

Inmate Areas

Inmates are allowed to do anything they want. They are allowed to be a “chef” as long as someone is guarding them. Inmates on the Solitary team must be placed in the room marked as Solitary Confinement.

Inmates are allowed to walk around Showers. Inmates do not have to be standing under the shower though.

Inmates are allowed to wander around the Yard. However, they may not jump on the walls and attempt to escape. Maximum Security Inmates must be placed in the yard marked, Max Yard. Note: Riots tend to happen the most in Yard, so be ready.

Cell Block:
Inmates may wander around the Cell Block. If that was not clear, Cell doors must remain open at all times.

Prison Areas

Session Room (SR):
The Session Room is where Shifts and Training happen. You are not allowed to be in it if you are not attending/hosting/co-hosting/helping.

Security Room:
The Security Room is where the security camera’s viewing area is.

Maximum Security and Solitary Confinement Cells:
Put armed inmates in these cells. For Max, there is a 2-minute timer (then the prisoner gets sent back to regular Cells). Note: ERT+ only.

Control Room (CR):
Control Lockdowns, brightness and Cell doors here. Note: COMM+ only.

How to get promoted

  1. Attend an Inspection (Wardens can be promoted as well as below that)
  2. Attend a Training (DW- can be promoted)
  3. Attend Riot-Protocol (DW- can be promoted if they do an outstanding job)
  4. Do patrol-logs to get noticed. (For Wardens wanting to get CP)

Discord is needed for number 4.

Game offences
Great link here:

Well, that sums most of it up. Hope this helped and may the best await you at Stateview!

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

Stateview Beginners Guide 2.0 Is out! Thanks to @andreww_3844 for the updated guide!


Corrections Officer is higher than Medical Officer.



Warden & Events Staff

Hello, please tell me, can I leave the prison? (not chairman)

I wanted to ask how I get in the discord server.

Hi there,

Just go under the group tab and click the discord icon :smiley:




you walk out? we have a front door.