Stateview September Newsletter

:star2: • Stateview September Newsletter • :star2:

Swinging into action: News and Updates from September 2023


:fire: • We are excited to introduce to you our September 2023 Newsletter!, loaded with phenomenal updates and news from Stateview’s Administration. Our aim is to keep you informed about the latest news in our community, as well as recognize and celebrate our spectacular employees and their efforts.

:firecracker: • In this edition, we have many things to broadcast. From listing our amazing employees of the month in September, an award given to those truly deserving for their outstanding efforts and activity, to our recent achievement of 700K members! This edition is full of achievements and complete dedication shown from our employees, and we are here to showcase it.

:rocket: • Along with all this, we have some superb promotions and community activities that we think you’ll love to see. We are dedicated to sustaining a positive and supportive work environment, and we hope that the measures taken will assist in encouraging a sense of teamwork and acceptance within our organization, welcoming everyone.

Post Creation: October 1st, 2023.
Post Last Updated: October 3rd, 2023.

:gem: • 700,000 MEMBER MILESTONE • :gem:


:clinking_glasses: • This month, Stateview hit an amazing milestone of 700 THOUSAND members! Which of course was embraced by a special update being made to the game bringing the city back to the experience.

:tada: • To also celebrate this milestone, the SV Events Administration hosted a Last to Leave for a promotion from Cadet Officer to Community Advisory Council, with a guaranteed cooldown bypass. The winner of this event was Diamond_Josh being promoted to Facility Director after lasting 6-7 hours! Honorably mentioning, loryzocco for getting second place in this event obtaining Robux as a reward for this.

:memo: • August Certified High Ranks! • :memo:


Last month, we achieved our first certified high ranks which are now being recognized for their outstanding ability in the community, and in the field of high-rank work. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise through the previous month, therefore getting the Stateview High Rank Certification in which they’ll be recognized for their contributions.

  • coolchar55(2x)
  • FNTJoshyy(2x)
  • SuperTheo89999
  • Immimarie
  • UPDawn099
  • stw_at
  • Pattyurhomegirl
  • dave24steejk
  • marecikov5(2x)
  • acquachris
  • Yasmi32685
  • kancat309(2x)
  • Diamond_Josh
  • LucaModzZ
  • YouRexexinmytown1
  • Aidanlai01
  • Natcoolblox
  • kanekiotakuzinho89
  • XxImNormalGuyxX
  • ratergeistern
  • iiTrooper_DOH
  • teddyHV11
  • Pzisalwayswatching29

Due to the behalf of the newsletter team, these individuals are being recognized a month later due to this achievement and exclusion from the last newsletter in which we apologies for.

:sunny: • Employees of the Month • :dart:


:trophy: • Here at Stateview, we value hard work and dedication. Because of this, each week, one employee is assigned as Employee of The Week! These Employees are given credit for their amazing work ethic and activity. Because of their great work, they receive an honorable mention in this Newsletter! Each of these individuals are hard-working, valued members of the community who deserve a special mention.

:medal_sports: • Each week, we carefully review the performance and work of our employees and pick one individual who has demonstrated exceptional performance, contributed greatly to our community and achieved goals. This program is designed to highlight and commemorate the efforts of our team members who consistently show their dedication to high standards, innovation, hard work and player satisfaction.

Without further ado, please congratulate the

September Employees of the Month

:headphones: • September Fan Showcase • :video_camera:


:sparkles: • Our fan YouTube Showcase is here, and we’re placing the spotlight on a talented community member! Each month, we will be featuring one to three marvelous videos created by people just like you.


A TrAiniNg | Stateview Prison

:revolving_hearts: • Middle-Rank Promotions • :star:


September 2023 Middle Rank Promotions

:medal_sports: • Special Promotions • :dart:


:balloon: • We respect and value our administrators who benefit and play vital roles in the Stateview server and organization. We recognize the hard work of our staff and continuous contribution they give to our community. We are very proud to promote these users, who are constantly showing their ability to enhance their capabilities and responsibilities.

September 2023 Special Promotions

:newspaper: • News & Updates • :newspaper_roll:

:pushpin: • A very calm month for Stateview, but something to know is that the Community Management Department has been working on closely promoting new MRs, and HRs each day through an ongoing promotion wave. If you have any promotion recommendations, please contact a Community Management personal or a HR!

:wave: • Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you more exciting content in the near future. Stay tuned for more promos, events and updates!

Written & Created by Stateview’s Community Newsletter Team.