SVGA Cuff Perks

SVGA should have the ability to:

  • Cuff people even if they are on staff team
  • Fire people
  • Reduce/remove an inmate from a sentence in solitary/max

At least the first 2 bullet points because it is ridiculous that we can’t cuff people on staff, can’t team them to inmate to detain them, and if we teleport them to the admin room we risk getting them kicked by the anti cheat!


Agreed, would make handling abusers that try to run or people not getting out of a staff scene so much easier. OC gets cuff perms and its a department, so why shouldn’t admins? Administration is a department and actually handles abusers.

Exactly. OC is not meant to handle abusers right? But they get it. SVGA is actually meant to but we haven’t gotten it!

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I wanted to point out they don’t handle abusers but I don’t really know what all they do so I tried to keep it as small as possible.

Game administrators should not have than ability to do this as it isn’t their job. You are meant to respond to modcalls and with this you would be a GA-OC also has the possibility for abuse.

If you are trying to cuff a mod caller which is the only instance you might need to and they are running away its their fault their modcall will not be dealt with. Fire people also just become OC.


Wdym only instance? What about suspects running? When a suspect runs when we are trying to tell them their punishment we can’t do much, and when we are in a staff scene and people decide to interfere it would be easier to handcuff them out.

Why would you be telling a suspect their punishment? you do not have to do that so if they are running away it doesn’t matter.

You are supposed to tell them why they are receiving a punishment?

You do not have to tell them why they are receiving a punishment or their punishment unless it is a SW where you do it in DM’s.

What about cuff abusers who run with an inmate in their hand? Or if they cuff your caller and run, they sneak up sometimes and cuff the caller.

I also agree with this, I definitely think the first point will be handy as it’s a nightmare when staff start doing a runner and acting as if nothing has happened and then you can’t even speak to them accordingly.

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Actually, along with doing modcalls we are supposed to be, well, administrators of the game. Making sure people are following the rules. PART OF THIS will be handling abusers, and this next part actually ties into modcalls. If the suspect of our modcalls are breaking rules and we have to cuff them WE CAN’T. Moving on…

As do anything, including giving OC perms to detain/fire staff

We are not talking about the caller running away but that also happens sometimes

Well I don’t care. Overseer command members are not the only people that encounter abusers.

Maybe if you have a problem with this making GA more like OC, all GA should be automatic OC members.

Every argument is agreed with, you had a reasonable argument for every statement and I agree with everything you said.:+1:

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Also we wouldn’t have the inmates username if @shamfully_skilled hadn’t started recording.

you still have perms to respawn him/her and bring him/her to admin room, so I think, it’s not necessary. Also, if you can’t inform him you can proceed with GA regulations (Discord).

Itz_Ondra24, Operations Coordinator (ranks aren’t classified)

I would not mind this idea, however I would only like this idea if the following changes were implemented:

  • Exemption made to anti cheat so people are not kicked when they are teleported to AR
  • Allow viewing inside the AR

These reasons above make the AR super annoying, if they were fixed I may reconsider.

You will be kicked when you have cuffs in your hand.

Yes and what if they do get kicked. Everything is messed up

Respawn him before bringing. With bring you must be very quick.

Sounds like a lot of work when the devs could and should just give GA perms to cuff staff