Team Cuffing For Game Administrators

So recently we have noticed an increase of suspects running away. In the GA department, we cannot cuff suspects and this is a problem. Majority of suspects run away, and we have to keep bringing them or go to a private place.

I am requesting that the developers allow SVGA to cuff teammates like OC (Overseer Command). This will improve the process of disciplining a supect or talking to them. It is a big problem when they keep running away and we cannot sort out the problem quickly.

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Is it really that big of a problem that you need to be able to cuff OC?
And I’m like 99.98% sure that you can already cuff staff.

Wait… GA cant cuff police? That’s just stupid…

I am GA, and I can confirm that we CANNOT cuff people. This is why I made the developer suggestion.

Yep, thats why I made the suggestion for all of GA, because we always suggest but we cannot do dev suggestions within it. So we have to use forums, and we really need to be able to cuff people as GA.

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GA would only need to cuff corr and ert, and none of that is possible.

This already got suggested a few times, so I’m suggesting what was already suggested there: toggle staff cuffs with adminduty/ adminoffduty

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Agreed, I like this. To avoid abuse from GA members, we can only do staff cuffing when adminduty is active.



New argument for GA staff cuffs:

If GA god themselves and cuff the caller, they will automatically immune to raids

Or cuff the suspect idk

This is a good thing, so that the caller / suspect does not die and we can have a proper discussion with them. Regardless, once cuffed you are immune / in god-mode, either way.


as member of GA Administration, I will talk about this thing. We don’t see any problem that you don’t have Staff cuff. You don’t need them. If you want them, become member of Overseer Command department. As member of Game Administration department, you have other forms how to stop abuser, e.g. admin room. (note: you can’t warp in with cuffs)

Best Regards,
Itz_Ondra24, Operations Executive
GA Administration

Hello. As a member of the Game Administration, I find an issue in this statement.

We do use our available resources like you mentioned the AR / Admin room. However, when we do use this the suspect decides to reset.
Easy solution, bring them back. If they keep resetting and we keep using commands, people start seeing that as abuse and then we get into trouble for using our resources to fix a problem as you said.

If you are cuffed, you cannot reset it will not allow you to. That is why we are requesting staff cuffs. It doesnt make our job any easier when the suspect keeps resetting and we cannot do anything about it.

You cant just decide one day to join OC. Noone asked for the perks of being an OC member, we rather asked for a simple thing such as staff cuffs.

I will refer to this. SVGA Cuff Perks - #15 by Itz_Ondra24

That post also resulted in acceptance of GA staff cuffs.

  • Abusers have easy ways to stop us from properly issuing a punishment here.
  • Bringing them in the ar takes longer and allows them to cause more damage in that time.
  • Bringing them again and again looks similar to AA in the logs.

As a member of GA, you’re supposed to know what to do if you can’t punish. That’s it.

Referring to this.

Why this again?

It’s form how to deal with this kind of abuser.