The new Chairperson update

I really don’t know how to address this problem but this update is just unfair to some players and honestly stupid. At this point, I don’t even know why I became Chairperson in the first place and there are many problems happening with this update.

  1. For Chairperson’s who actually worked hard for the rank this is unfair, our admin got removed which many people worked hard for it. Also, this is the main reasoning for many people saying “Chairperson should be a hard rank to get since they have admin”. Lots of Chairperson don’t abuse (I know many still do) but for me and many others, this just removes parts of our motivation to continue on with this game.

  2. Overload of Chairpersons, people wouldn’t resign anymore and it could rather be considered “The second Warden”. Like what’s the point? Other than hosting and co-hosting which doesn’t even matter any more many Chairpersons would just give up.

  3. Fewer sessions, many sessions are hosted by Chairpersons since they are the majority of players that could host. Now since it’s not required people wouldn’t even care.

This is a bit on my viewpoint and could be different for others, I rather have back my quota and admin, and though it brings stress at times, I could still have motivation for this game and know what I worked hard for. More responsibility is part of ranking up and I believe that removing quota is a bad idea. I really hope some people could agree with me or at least share their viewpoint on this update.

-I just wanted to see everyone’s viewpoint on this, so this is not meant to address anything.-

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I made an article here explaining why it got removed.