The Staff ID For Guard

I have a Idea
Need a ID For Staff Becuse There is no ID

Image Format

For example : The STAFF LEVEL was This Image Format

SL: I is CO+. SL: II is COMM+. SL: III is DW+. SL: IV is CP+. SL: V is CAC+.

Posted by : P1ngP0ng_1901 CP


What is the use of it tho, surely it will help rp but it isnt very necassary

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Yeah, maybe certain rooms would be locked behind them? And in that case we would need to have higher rank limitations on some rooms.


What rooms tho, cr is used from mos to go to cb and max usnt rank locked no more

Maybe COMM+ say “There is Level II+ only” in the CR

Maybe as a Keycard, and you have to use it to open doors.

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The Add Keypad too.