Unofficial Shift Grading Guide

Basic Guide to grade a shift

You must give a grade to the person you supervise, and make sure they log it correctly. Grades can vary from 1 to 10. We ask that you add a comment for the host, and remind them that it is highly encouraged to put it on the log however, not required.

Important Things to Note;

Patrolling and supervising the attendees

Patrolling should be constant and they should essentially be an attendee for the shift while marking HWs and supervising attendees. Communication is key to a good shift. The host should also not be going AFK during the shift, especially not for long periods.

Dealing with disturbances

The host should be handing out strikes to users breaking PTS, trolling, or any other rule violation. After 3 strikes, they are removed from the shift. The host should make sure all attendees follow the rules and are well informed of the rules.

Grammar, maturity, professionalism, and respect

The host should have grammar of around 90% minimum for a 10/10 shift. They are to remain professional, mature, and respectful throughout the shift, this is one of the highest factors for a good grade.

Organization and Control of the shift

The host should have control over their attendees, not in the sense of micromanaging but in the sense of ensuring order and minimal/no abuse during their shift. This also includes the timing and proper lockdown and callback times.

Effort put into the shift

The session administration should be contributing to the shift every time, whether host or co-host.

Shift Procedures

The host should be able to quickly state the rules, but also in a way the attendees can all read and understand. It is good for hosts to ask “Does everyone understand the rules?” however, is not required.
Helping the attendees and answering PTS and helping them understand.
If a host is failing to answer any questions, that is not satisfactory. The host should ensure all attendees and session administration have a clear understanding of the shift regulations, expectations, and roles. The perfect shift is 25-35 minutes long from the start to callback. This is however a guideline. It is important to ensure the shift does not exceed 45 minutes or be under 15 minutes, as those are both unsatisfactory shifts. As for the drill, it varies depending on the drill. For a blackout the host should be in the cell block with attendees marking who’s working well, should also check outside for attendees not in the cell block to remind them of the rules. For a lockdown drill, the host should be transporting inmates to start and then watching over the cell block while patrolling and ensuring the cell block is secure. Evacuations are special and require an OC or BoG+ supervisor to be hosted. This can be the shift supervisor or just any other person willing to assist. The host should assist in transport and mark attendees’ transporting. Then they should be sitting outside at the evacuation point, marking who is doing well and assisting in controlling inmates attempting to escape. At the end of the shift, the host should request you to call the attendees back and check off attendees as they enter using BloxCord under the “Callback” phase. The host should be communicating with the ranker at this time with the hardest workers to check cooldowns. The host will then take a picture and announce the hardest workers. The shift’s hardest workers should meet basic requirements such as; good communication, patrolling at stats, participation in the drill, and good grammar. Any hardest workers must also be present for the photo to receive the promotion or placement on the log. Make sure the host or you remove them as a passer on BloxCord if they are not present after the callback.

Remember, a grade is required and false grades are punishable. If you are found to be giving false grades, you face punishment from Community Management. Please also note that it is your job to ensure you give feedback to the host, nobody will improve if they are not told how to.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding anything here, please message me at "meatball0130" or "717210579110199307" on Discord for assistance. I will make one for Trainings if needed, although it should be common sense by the rank of CAC.

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