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We have seen experienced and debated upon many abusers but in the end, they keep coming back… So in today’s post, I will be starting a conversation about the obvious the unknown, and the problems we are working on.

Author - Oktan_burg | Kyoto Tasori
Editors - Tripivq,

Journalist -

  • Oktan_burg | Head Journalist
  • FBIAgentAlfie | Director
  • Tripivq | Board of Journalist
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The mission

We have had all types of abusers, exploiters, TOS breakers but in the end, we have no solution to stop them indefinitely but to wear them out. - Oktan_burg
Now while there are multiple types of abusers we must focus on one at a time.

  1. Vote Kick abusers
    if you do not like or support our solution feel free to debate in reply
    Vote kick abusers usually take the form of a DW which requires training or 32 hours
    for this, it’s a matter of effort and goal, by raising the DW requirement and even warden we could increase the time work, and effort an abuser would have to put in to get the rank now also here is the catch if the abuser has no life and wants to cause chaos then this solution won’t work.

  2. Cuff abusers
    Cuff abusers have to be the hardest to fix its gonna happen and we know but it’s a matter of discipline and surroundings My solution may not be obtainable if it’s not added.
    A log for who cuffs who this will assist us in keeping track of cuff abuse when we suspect someone has committed it also the basic drills will assist you so remember these steps
    1. Record, 2. Warn, 3. Punish, 4. Report to the intel server.

  3. Exploiters
    Unlike the rest, exploiters may not always be on the Police Teams and simple steps will assist you will deal with them 1. Record, 2. Report to the intel server, 3, Game Ban or Kick, 4. Report to CAC+

  4. The Intel Server
    If a warden wishes to help in training or report an abuser they head here.
    Any rank can appeal to bans and report hackers or abusers
    invite link: Stateview Administration
    Thanks, @janno466.

Hope this assisted you and if you wish to join us here is our server Our Server!

  • This assisted me and it showed me how to deal with abusers
  • This did not assist me
  • I support the solutions and will debate.
  • I don’t support this and will debate

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Feel free to reply or debate.
Hope we assisted you with this post enjoy!!.

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I’m think it’s not really clary, because you say report but where. I know where I do report it’s in Intel server but for the news guys it’s not really clary.
And if a abuser is kicked before they can’t be banned for the reason of the votekick is before the ban in the chain of punishment so, they can’t be banned.


You want us to be very clear with our statements and list exactly where to report things or what to do.

We took note of your suggestion and will be more mindful of clarity.


Board Of Journalist/Head Journalist

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Thanks for the post this is helpful and I’d like you to post more.

Please do not sign my name for me without asking.

I did ask in Mandos server did you forget

Greetings, @oktan:

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