Why are people saying stuff like, "view [name of person]" and "chatlogs"

I saw a criminal do this and I see training hosts, shift hosts, etc. do this all the time

some say warp sr as well

What do they mean?

What does view do, and chatlogs do

These are Admin Commands most used by FD+ who have a certain admin level there are a lot of commands they need a reason behind it befor using them. Most users who use these Commands are Admins ingame but not all of them are. There are some commands that can be used by everyone or with the Gamepass Admin(doesn’t`t mean you are a real Admin ingame). To view all Commands and to know which one you are allowed to use you can see here “Stateview Administrative Regulations

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Hello, the admin commands you mentioned, :view [name of the person] means you can view the player in third person, and chatlogs means you can see what others chat/say in-game.
I hope you understand.

Very good that you are using forums for questions since you are new. I hope you fully know the game soon.