Why I need a title plz tell

I was just looking on inspections logs for run to see how much players are getting promoted from these, but I never saw a reverted promotion for lack od requirements and according to my calculations thisbis impossible to every one who passed the inspections didn’t had reverted promotion because of that. Just asking that promotions requirements and expectations are still getting used.

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Good Morning,

A title is used to give a brief about what your questions are or what you want to say so then people will know what you are talking about or referring to so then they won’t press on the wrong thing and get something else. So the title is to give a brief to the viewer about what you’re talking about before reading or joining in on your post

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“8 months later”…

Characters dnnsnsns

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Hey kapi123xd123lol,

At Stateview, inspections are hosted with the goal of finding those ready for their next rank, inspections are targeted at middle/high ranking staff personnel. Please note that passing an inspection does not mean you’ll be promoted from said inspection.

When you pass an inspection, your promotion is taken into consideration. For more information regarding inspections, please look here.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management