An almost complete ingame guide for inmates and guards.
Credits to: inspired by spectrumroblox* and for inspiring the rank structure: skyzzzz11 y’all are incredible people.
To become an officer, first you must be familiar to the guides and regulations, You can find them here and you can find the rank structure here.
After reading all of that here are some essential things to know.

INMATE RANKS/TEAMS (work in progress)

  • INMATE Inmate [TEAM],
    Is the first team available. This team is open to all ranks.
  • LSI Low security inmate,
    (also referred to as just “inmate”) is the first rank given to you upon joining the game. Only available team being inmate team.

OFFICER TEAMS/RANKS (taking suggestions)

Ranks are divided up into 4 main sections.

  • LR
    Extending from CAO (Cadet Officer) to
    W (Warden)
  • CS Correctional staff, [TEAM]
    This team gives you 3 items (2 as a CAO)
    A Taser, handcuffs, and a Glock [Glock not available at CAO]
    Obtainable from getting the rank CAO rank or above. (Throughout the text, this will be simplified to CAO+, to show that the rank shown, and above are included.)
  • CAO Cadet officer,
    is lowest possible staff rank, and also the only staff rank without a fire arm weapon.
    Obtainable from completing the Cadet quiz
  • CO Correctional officer,
    is the first staff team to achieve a fire arm. Obtained from reaching level 3, or passing a session as a CAO
  • ERT Emergency Response team, [TEAM]
    Is the third team unlockable team. The team unlocks the Riot shield item, and the M4A1 gun. Given black S.W.A.T. outfit.
    Obtainable from achieving ERT [RANK]
  • ERT Emergency response team. [RANK]
    Unlocks ERT [TEAM]
    Obtainable from reaching level 4, or passing a session as a CO.

Ranks below here are allowed in CR.

  • COMM Commander,
    Similar to ERT, blue outfit, first rank permitted in CR [Control room]
    Obtainable by reaching level 8, or passing a session as an ERT [RANK]
  • PI Prison inspector,
    Similar to COMM, the only difference is the outfit is a darker blue.
    Obtainable from reaching level 16, or passing a session as a commander.
  • DW Deputy warden,
    Same outfit as commander, ability to activate lockdown with valid reasoning. Authorization to use the electric chair.
    Obtainable by reaching level 32, or passing a session as a PI.
  • W Warden,
    (Fun fact! Warden used to have a white uniform.)Ability to help in Trainings. Same outfit as commander. Warden is the final LR rank, and is the last rank obtainable from levels.
    Obtainable by reaching level 64, or passing a session as a DW.


Extending from SI (Superintendent) to FD (Facility director)**

  • SI Superintendent,
    superintendent is first rank in the MR section, Only MR without quota, and given a slick, white shirt.
    SI grants you the ability to co-host a shift.
    Obtainable by passing a TRAINING/INSPECTION as a warden.
  • CP Chairperson,
    is the first rank that has the ability to host sessions, being in the form of shifts. CP can also co-host trainings, and help in RPC (Riot protocols). This is the first rank given quota.
    QUOTA 1 session point every week, and 60 minutes of playtime, a week.
  • FD Facility director,
    Facility director have the ability to host shifts without a supervisor present, supervise shifts, however a ranker is still needed. Facility directors also have the ability to host trainings, with a supervisor/ranker present.
    QUOTA 2 session points, and 80 minutes a week.


Extending from CAC( Community advisory councils) to BOG (Board of Governors)

  • HC High command [TEAM],
    is the only one of that allows you to use your Roblox avatar, instead of using the uniform, (other one being criminal.) This team also gives you the AKM, an homage to the old AK-47 gun formerly, given to criminals. This team also allows you to kill, and cuff other officers.
  • CAC Community advisory council,
    is the first rank that unlocks the high command team, and gives you the ability to rank and supervise trainings.
    QUOTA 2 supervision points, and 135 minutes a week.

These are the main ranks in-game. Ranks higher than here don’t really affect many players in-game, other from maybe rare sessions, (such as advanced trainings, Riot protocols, and fugitive recovery), which rarely get hosted.


There are many rules in Stateview, some are significantly more advanced and complicated than others. I will separate these regulations, in order to not confuse anybody just trying to learn the basics of Stateview.

  • BASIC REGULATIONS (Work in progress)

Red line punishment
Whenever a inmate crosses the red line near the exit of CELL BLOCK, LUNCH, SHOWERS, YARD, you don’t just empty a mag on them, instead, you are to bring them back behind the red line and warn them, to warn them just say something like, W1, crossing red line.

If an inmate just starts to punch you, you don’t just turn them into Swiss cheese, instead just cuff them, and say something along the lines of, W1, Punching an officer.

If an inmate passes the red line, and leaves the status of the prison, and are in the main hallways of the facility, they will be subjected to this punishment. This should most likely pose as 1, or 2 warnings depending on how far they get. 1 warning: W1, trespassing., but for 2 warnings: W1/2, trespassing.. However if they exit the prison near FG, yard exit etc. they may be subjected to…

Attempting to escape.
If they actually leave the prison, but don’t become a criminal, then they will receive this punishment. If they are escaping you must try your best to apprehend them, without trying using level force. Spray them with your taser, or if they get far enough, shoot at them, but don’t try to intentionally kill them. If you catch them, place them in solitary for attempted escape. You are being placed in solitary confinement for attempting to escape.

Fire-arm use. (Basic)
If an inmate takes out a fire-arm, but does not engage in combat, you are authorized to use lethal force, or cuff them, and re-locate them to solitary confinement. You are being re-located to solitary confinement for possession of a fire-arm.

Having a key-card, knife, hammer etc. they will be subjected to punishment depending on if they used it, if they are just holding it, frisk them, and warn them. W1, possession of contraband.,
but if they used it, you can frisk them, and send them to solitary. You are being re-located to solitary confinement for possession, and usage, of contraband.

More coming soon


Above are the basic regulations, for people who just want to know what offenses garner what punishment, but this is a more advanced version, going more in depth and answering FAQ, combining offenses, and showing more punishments.

Fire-arms (advanced)
If and inmate is seen with a gun and fires it, they shall be re-located to solitary or killed-on-sight. If the inmate has killed an officer, That inmate is to be neutralized, or maximum security. (Difference is, if a someone is not killed, Maximum security is a priority, if a somebody is killed, Kill-on-sight is a priority.)

If an inmate has killed another inmate, they are to be re-located to solitary. If they have killed multiple, they are to be shot, or sent to maximum security.

Staff murder.
If the staff is killed, the inmate is to be killed, or re-located into maximum security. If the inmate mass kills officers, more than 10 officers killed, the inmate is to be killed in the electric chair, or killed via fire arms.

I’m still working on this, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, grammatical issues, or misinformation. I am going to do more than just ranks.

give me credits as well since spectrum copied me and lots of the words written are mine. Thank you.

CP can co training.

Criminals get the MP5 not the AK-47. Also, HC can kill or cuff other officers.

This isnt the rank structure- This is the guide to complete statview.

He used some of my post on rank structure (That you copied so he gave you credit) for this guide.

Alt2662 is and incredible person.

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Thanks for the info, try and message me, DM me, or post here, the misinformation. I want to make this guide as accurate and as helpful as possible.

Did you mean solitary in the end? Because Maximum only works after a kill, as you previously said.

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