How to COMPLETE STATEVIEW - Guide [2023/2024]

This is the unofficial guide to “complete” Stateview.

  • If this sparks an interest in you, feel free to follow along, share with friends who have just joined stateview, as all of the steps listed below will make sure you get the full stateview experience. If you are even SI/CP there is more stuff in here to do, so you can truly feel the full experience.


1) Become a criminal!
Becoming a criminal is a key part of completing Stateview, once you do it once, it gets easier and easier, making it so much more fun to escape and raid. Ways to escape include:

1: Going through the front gate, acsessible via the main prison entrance. (Difficulty = HARD)
2: By getting the hammer, which spawns in the kitchen, and breaking one of the toilets to escape (Difficulty = MEDIUM)
3: By exiting through the yard tower door and climbing up a hill. (Difficulty = EASY)

These are all passable methods to escaping the federal prison, and therefore, making you complete the first step to complete stateview. For more information on ways to escape, check here: awaiting link…

2) Become a guard!
Becoming a guard is the whole point of Stateview, so its obviously on this list. Once you become a guard, you can rank up and experience new things, which will be mentioned later.

To become a guard, you must:
1: Join the stateview group, which you can find here: Stateview Correctional Facility. ∞ - Roblox.
2: Complete the Cadet Officer Quiz, more information can be found here: Awaiting link

Once you have completed the quiz, you are now a cadet officer, make sure to read the Company Information & Employee Regulations, as this will help you during your time at stateview.
Congratulations, you have now completed step two of the guide to complete stateview.

3) Make a forums post!
Making a forums post is a great way to engage with the community, but considering you are reading this on the forums im sure you’ve done it before, but incase you havent read these steps:

1: Make a forums account, which can be done by pressing the log in/create account button.
2: Press the 3 bars in the top right of your screen and press “Community Discussion”.
3: Press the plus in the bottom right of your screen and make your post!

This is how to make a post on the Stateview forums, if this guide isn’t clear enough, check this guide here: Awaiting link…! Now, congratulations on completing the 3rd step in this guide.

To be continued…

Written by: @spectrumroblox
Edited by: N/A
Extra links credits: @Trey & @spectrumroblox
Published by: @spectrumroblox
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And should I continue with harder stuff such as hosting/cohosting your first session?


Yea, mention getting SI as a good goal, then starting to co-host to rank up.